Mitsurugi Kamui Hikae (Steam Gift RU+CIS)

Активация: Steam
Тип: Gift
Регион: RU+CIS
Подробнее о регионе:
• Этот подарок может быть активирован только в этих странах: Армения, Азербайджан, Республика Беларусь, Грузия, Киргизстан, Казахстан, Республика Молдова, Таджикистан, Туркменистан, Узбекистан, Украина, Россия

Название: Mitsurugi Kamui Hikae
Жанр: Экшены, Инди
Разработчик: Zenith Blue
Дата выхода: 10 мар. 2014
Возрастной рейтинг: 12+

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• Для одного игрока
• Достижения Steam
• Контроллер (полностью)
• Коллекционные карточки

Языки: Интерфейс | Озвучка | Субтитры
• русский Не поддерживается
• английский Да | Нет | Да
• японский Да | Да | Да
• китайский (упр.) Да | Нет | Да

Об этой игре
The smash hit action game from Comic Market 84 is finally available on Steam!
Misa is a Blade Templar, a secret defender of humanity, who happens to be a high school student. When her classmate, Suzuka, succumbs to the dark seduction of the Demon Blade, Misa releases she must protect the world at all costs. Already the evil sword is draining Suzuka´s life force and, if Misa cannot destroy the Blade alone, she very well may need to strike down her friend.
Mitsurugi Kamui Hikae focuses on high-speed arena-based action. Use lightning fast sword slashes, hand-to-hand attacks and mysterious ancient techniques to defeat wave after wave of demonic foes. Be prepared: the enemies are relentless and will attack from all sides. If you aren´t prepared to strike and roll, you´ll be overwhelmed in no time flat.
Weaken your enemies with vicious wounds, employ hand-to-hand techniques to build your katana gauge, then cut deep with your divine blade. A spectacular flurry of blades will take down even the largest crowd of NPCS! After beating them bloody, sheathe your sword to finish them off with style. Be warned: if the enemy isn´t "bleeding," then they´ll take the opportunity to strike you mid-pose!
Use skill points to learn new skills, upgrade your abilities, and take on brutal bosses. Every playthrough of Mitsurugi will grow you as a player until your success if guaranteed! And if the game suddenly becomes too easy, there are three difficulty levels to test your mettle. Good luck!

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